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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Holiday Photos - Part 1

As promised I have downloaded some photos from my holidays.

James just couldn't wait to get into the sea ... even though it was freezing.

Having a race on the beach ...

Even at 13 James still has to win even with his 2yr cousin in tow. Its funny because he doesn't think there is anything wrong with him coming 1st all the time -

and he actually think he could be the next Usain Bolt - LOL

The boys going off on their own

View of the Beach

Even since I was little I have loved steam trains, so I'm completely taken in when I go to Sheringham because they have an old fashion railway station and a working steam train that goes along to the next village. I've not been on it in years but I do go and take load of photos, I must look funny because I'm on my own totally in awe of the train and loving every minute - sad I know - but it keeps me out of trouble for a while - LOL.

Inside one of the carriages

The station is all set up like the old days

I'll upload more photos soon


Sheena said...

Lol Jackie x
my boys are still competitive when we play board games !!
Looks like you had a fab time xxx