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Friday, 27 August 2010

More Holiday Snaps ...

Thanks for your kind comments on the previous pics, much appreciated. I've added some more - not in any order but I've added notes about some of them.

To answer some of the questions, Sheringham is a lovely fishing town, the walks over the cliffs towards neighbouring town is great, as is walking along the beach. It is busy in the town and on certains parts of the beach, but if you walk about 5 minutes either way from the centre, the beaches are desserted, the 3 of us have a section of the beach all to ourselves, with people walking along the sea edge from time to time, which is so peaceful.

I first came here with the family for Nana 80th birthday (11 years ago), and vowed not to fall into the 'habit' of coming back year after year (it was an Ashton tradition to visit here each year when Jon was younger), but to be honest I love it and its me who is always booking the next visit and the next, and the next. And I know it we could afford it I would definiating get a holiday home down here. I know it a big thing to have an holiday home aboard but what is wrong with good old England eh!

So here they are ...

Watching the Liftboat being launched.

On the wall of the flat is a set of black & White photos of the beach/sky, so I decided to do my own. I've actually taken the pics in b/w something I never do, but decided to give it a go, I've also taken some in colour and see which look the best when I get them printed.

Jon James on the beach

My yummy treat with MIL - A large White Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream - Yummy ...

On Thursday it rained all day and it was so cold that we even put the central heating on, anyway we decided that we had to go for a short walk along the front, just to get out of the flat and get some fresh air, James was not impressed has you can see ... must admit it was bracing but refreshing.

A few sights along the beach

Look closely on the following pics, and you will see some fishes on the 1st one with the bread they are at the top. I wanted to try and get a photo of these fishes, so dropped a crumb in (I know it looks a lot bigger than a crumb ...) and the fish came towards it. When I've more time I going to see if I can enhance them so that they stand out more.

Bye for now, thanks for stopping by ...


Yvonne said...

Amazing photos Jackie! I really want to visit a beach that has beach huts just so i can get a piccy like yours of them! Always look fab x

Lorraine said...

:lol: Poor James he looks like he needs a big blanket and an open fire!
LOVE the look of that white chocolate drink:D