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Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th, is not a bad day for me ...

17 years ago today, Friday 13th August 1993, Jon asked me out, and we have been together ever since. So good things do happen on this day ...

And today, Friday 13th August, me and James had a great day over at Telford, the weather forecast was rain, rain and more rain, but it managed to stay dry until we were leaving Telford Town Centre, when the heavens opened. We had planned to go to the Jackson Tile Museum because in the same complex is Robert Harrop Pottery that make Camberwick Green figures that James collects, so I decided that if we are over that way we can make a day of it and visit a few of the other local sites, so here are a few of the photos I took, and we had a great day.

Do you remember these chartacters, the whole exhibition was like a step back in time - brill.

I did hope that you could see them being made, but we couldn't, but James choose a limited edition one.

Then before we left the Museum we went to a workshop where you could design and paint your own tile,
as some of you know James has problems with his final motor skills, so writing, painting and doing things with his hands can be a problem, so I was very pleased that he wanted to design and paint his own tile, of course it had to do with sport and Claret & Blue. Admittedly I help him out but he did the majority of it.

Then a 5 minute drive to Ironbridge, which has some lovely shops and the best pie shop EVER, 'Eleys of Ironbridge' so if you are ever in Ironbridge, you have got, I repeat GOT to go to this pie shop (it even does Vegetarian ones) they are yummy ... They are made and baked on the premises.

Eleys of Ironbridge

Then another short drive to Buildwas Abbey, which I found stunning. Even James was interested or should I say he wanted to find all the "I Spy" clues before I did so that kept him occupied, whilst I took photos - LOL

Then the final stop was Telford Town Centre, for a late lunch and a visit to 'The Range",

So we both returned home, exhausted but very happy.

I've managed some scrapping this week, but I need to take the photos, in day light.

Thanks for stopping by ...

(PS - this is the quickest I've even blogged photos - LOL).


Rachael said...

Great photos Jackie and looks like a fantastic day!