What a Scrappy Life


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Today we enjoyed the sun

James was off school today on Teacher Training, after he only went back on Monday, but on a Wednesday they only do half a day, or should i say they finish at 2.30pm so I pursume it much be better for the teachers to have this day off instead of another, anyway, we went to the Botanical Gardens for a mini photoshoot, I took my tripod so that I could be on some of the photos with him as well. We ended up spending about 2.5 hours just walking around and enjoying the beauty of the gardens.

Around the grounds, the peacocks where out, but not on display, but he did stay quite a while posing for me whilst I took loads of photos.

James and me, just relaxing and posing, something we both like to do - LOL. Look at the bottom middle photo, hes about 2 inches or so shorter than me and hes only 12 (aaaahhhhh !!!!!)

Then when we got home, I decided that the car needed cleaning, well I really wanted to take some photos of James cleaning it, and he obliged.

I'll be back some with some layouts that I did at my crop on Sunday.

Sorry if the photos are small, but you get the idea.

Back later