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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Easter Holidays

We had a great week in Sheringham, Norfolk, not far from Cormer. Its a place that we visit at least twice a year and when we first came here for Nana 80th, I was determined not to be tied into the 'family holiday at the same place mode' but to be completely honest it has been me who loves coming back here, year after year. And if we could afford it we would definitely buy a property down there. Anyway some snaps of my week. Beki had put on her blog about 'why go abroad' and I totally agree with her, England does have some great places to visit, admittedly the weather is not guaranteed, but when it sunny it just stunning.

walking towards Cormer, it great to be able to walk along the beach, a long way but very enjoyable.

The weather was great, not warm enough for swimming, but good enough to have a quick paddle was just fine.

I've always been fascinated with Steam trains, and they have a a local line which always draws a large crowd to see it pull into the station and set off.

Then of course, a lovely sunset, looking at this you could have been on a tropical island not over looking the North Sea.

I had a trip to Blakeney Point to see the Seals, I ended up going on my own, Jon & James didn't fancy it this time, and if I don't do things on my own, I don't go, so I had a lovely morning seal watching, and having a walk along the point.

Jon doesn't like his photos being taken so I had pre-worn Jon that I needed some photos, has I've not got many. So he reluctantly agree to a few posed ones and I managed to take a lot of ones when hes not looking direct at the camera.

This one was taken by James, he's getting alot better at taking photos, which I'm pleased with.

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Deb said...

What stunning photos you've taken.Sherringham looks a beautiful place to visit.I've only got as far as Great Yarmouth but will be on my list if places to go.

Rachael said...

Gorgeous photos Jackie!! How amazing seeing those seals, I would have come with you lol. Quick question for you, do you mind if I do a layout of you and put it on my blog and possibly SC blog? I have got a photo from the gogo retreat and like to document my stalker lol.

Claire Crompton said...

My Mum is orginally from Norfolk and we have spent many a weekend there. Some fab photos Jackie which will look great on some lo.