What a Scrappy Life


Friday, 19 February 2010

Weekend in Derbyshire

Just trying to catch-up with this blogging lark - so a couple of post to be added today.

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who email me with suggestions for kits clubs, retreats and workshops, all of which have been gratefully received and enquiries made. So hopefully if fund are available next year will be travelling far and wide.

So for the start of the half term, we went to Derbyshire to stay at my MIL cottage, which is always good, even if there is no internet or mobile network connection - LOL. Jon and me pick James up straight from school and we stopped off at Ashborne for Tea, and we enjoyed a some lovely fish and chips.

Then it was the chance for James to get another new bike, hes growing so quickly that it seems that every month (well 18 months) he has to get a new one, the problem now is, what do we do with the old one, the shop that he got is new one from, doesn't do part exchange so when we bring it back to Birmingham its either Ebay or Cash Convertors.

So off we went for a bike ride, well they did, and I had a lovely walk, but being on my own wasn't much fun, but I enjoyed being out and about.

I always marvel in the beauty of the countryside, and when I'm here I want to be here everyday, just enjoying the beauty and nature around me,

and of course, the sheep ...

Over the weekend it was a chance for me to visit Nana who is still in hospital, she looks very fraile, but she still had here wits about her, and told me it was about time I got a job so that Jon could cut his hours at work - LOL. It has been decided that she can come home soon, provided that she can manage on her own, still think its not a good idea, has she been in hospital for over two months and has had 24/7 care, apparently, the hospital take her home and sees how she copes, if it doesn't look like she could manage on her own, then my MIL and uncle will have to re-think the options.

Anyway, for the time being she is happy and being well cared for, and that all we can ask for.

Check back for our London day in the rain.