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Friday, 19 February 2010

Credit where Credit is Due - Rachael Elliott

Do you sometimes get the need to send a thank you or a well done message to someone?

Well I did, the other day to Rachel Elliott, for her lovely vintage layouts in the recent copy of Scrapbook Magazine, they are just lovely and I wanted her to know that. It must be nice to know that your hard work is very much appreciated by others, an that you are doing something right. Well with these, and any of her layouts that are just perfect.

Here are her layouts, full of details, using vintage and current photos, layering, distressing, inking just lovely.

I did say that I was a Stalker when it comes to her work, and now she know I am - LOL.

Will be scrap-lifting these when I get round to it and will be giving her full and well deserved credit.

Thank you Rachel for your inspiration and for sharing your talent with us all.

Keep smiling


Rachael said...

Aw Jackie I don't know what to say, thankyou. xxxx