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Monday, 25 May 2015

New York, New York Pt 3 - Brooklyn & Top of the Rock

Me and Morag went for an early morning walk whilst the others where sleeping, it was great seeing the city come back to life, it was still noisy and yellow taxi's everywhere but not many people around.

This squirrel seems really tame, I was this close to it and it never ran away.

Then it was back to the hotel for breakfast and get the subway down to South Ferry for a trip over to Brooklyn.

Now this was one of the unplanned highlights of the week - Chippy didn't swipe her MetroCard properly so couldn't get through the turnstiles - 

so she decided to climb over it

She couldn't get over it - so under it she came

Everyone was laughing - but more so when a guy said ' why didn't you just come through the gate ' which was just at the side of the turnstiles - there was an American with her daughter who was in stitches and I think the daughter even video it.

We eventually got on the subway, only to be created by some subway busters - I was trying to attached a video - but it bloodspot won't let me.  I will play around with it and add it later if I can.

My first sighting of the Statue of Liberty - not a good one due to it being a very misty morning.

 A short ferry side which took us under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Near Manhattan Bridge

the glass house by Brooklyn Bridge

My disappointment of the holiday was not being able to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, I was too scared - I started off ok has it was a concrete floor then it changed to wooden slats - similar to a pier and I just panicked.  I just couldn't go any further, so ended up having to give it a miss and Julie kind enough said she would come back with me - I was happy to get the ferry back and cab back to the hotel - but she came back with me for which I was grateful.  The rest went over and when we meet them later they said that further on it changed back to concrete - if only I knew - maybe the next time I will manage it.

We got the ferry back but it panicked us a bit  has it went down a different route to when we came over,  but it gave us some good views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

In the evening we had booked to go to the Top of the Rock with a tour beforehand, then up to see the views of the city at night.  Me and Sue went on the tour whilst the rest waited - we both enjoyed it and learned about The Rockafeller Centre and the surrounding buildings.

Whilst on outside tour, a Police motorbike convoy came pass.   

We meet up with the rest of the group and then we were told that due to low visibility - we couldn't go up to the top but had to re-book for another evening, after the getting over the disappointment, me and Sue had passed a burger bar on the tour and decided to go back to have something to eat and I really think this was the best burger I'd tasted.

After a fun, full day of walking and exploring it was time to go back to the hotel to rest and get ready for our next day of activities.

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