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Thursday, 28 May 2015

New York, New York, Part 4 - Statue of Libety, Ellis Island & Cruise

On the Saturday we split into two, Morag and Sue C had booked to go on an helicopter and the rest of where going to the Statue of Liberty, with me and Julie going onto Ellis Island.

Whilst waiting for the ferry, we visited Battery Park that had the Sphere - which was originally situated between the Twin Towers before 9/11, they have now moved it here and made a lovely memorial garden.

So we caught the ferry over to the Statue, which was great to see lower Manhattan from a distance.

This is one of the iconic sights of New York and I was so excited to see it up close 

Sue and Barbara just had a stroll around the Statue, whereas me and Julie did the audio tour 

and I actual climbed the 148 steps to the pedestal, and managed to get a great view of Ellis Island and Lower Manhattan.

Then we caught the ferry over to Ellis Island - which was amazing following the audio tour and finding our the full history of the Island and what people had to go through to get into the USA.

Me and Julie ended up getting a taxi back to the hotel instead of the subway, and this was our crazy taxi driver - he was actual nice, but he looks crazy on this photo - lol x.

It was a quick turnaround and we all headed back out - minus Sue P who was meeting her son for a meal - for our evening cruise around the island.

It was lovely seeing the sun set around the island and the island come to life for the evening.

We even had a visit to the Statue - not a very dark photo - but it was all lit up and just looked even more magnificent than it did earlier in the day.

Another full and fun packed day in New York, I'll be back shortly with more update from my trip.

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