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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Surprise 50th Birthday Weekend - 6 December 2014

At the beginning of December, my lovely friend Julie organised a fantastic birthday weekend for my 50th.

The only things I was told was to have an overnight case, and pack a few crafting things - as if I was going to a crop and that was all.

So the day arrived, and Julie picked me up at 9.30

and gave me an itinerary, on route I tried to get out of Julie where we were going, what was planned,  etc, but all she keep saying was 'wait and see' - I didn't even know who was going to be there.

So I just had to sit back and enjoy the 'mystery tour'.  

Our first stop was at the Heart of Country outlet shops, this is when meet the girls - yeah !!!  They had kept to so quiet - I'm amazed.  We started off with coffee and then some shopping, before going for lunch at The Barn.

Then it was onto my 2nd destination, again I didn't know where we where going but just sat back and and looked forward to what Julie had planned.  We ended up at Barbara's - OMG !!! I was stunned, they had worked really hard to in preparation of this weekend.

We each had a place setting - we lovely goodies

Extra at my with my lovely wine glass.

But we each had a box full of stash - OMG!! Julie had organised us to have a scrapbooking kit that she put together for each of us, and it was crammed full of loveliness, paper, stickers,paperclips, stamps, card stock, project life cards, embellishments - it was all in there - totally fab.

One of the presents I received over the weekend was this absolutely fantastic quilt, handmade by Sue and Barbara - I was chocked - I would never in a million years thought that I would get an handmade quilt from anyone for a present - the time and effort that has gone into making this is without doubt much appreciated - I truly love it, the colours; the design; but what I love most about it is, the thoughtfulness and kindness that my lovely friends made this just for me.  Words cannot express how it has made me feel.  Love it so much.  Thank you again girls - much appreciated.

The beautiful quilt.

and on the Saturday evening whilst watching some TV, Julie and Barbara brought out this lovely cake, and they all sang Happy Birthday to me, I was stunned - Barbara's sister had make it for me.

A close up of the cake - can you guest the theme of the weekend - yes New York City - to say I'm slightly looking forward to my planned trip there next year is an understatement and yes ! I'm slightly obsessed with it and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Morag - had got these paperclips for us all to add to our kits.

and this was Morag's card to me - fab !!!

I hope these written word can express how much I appreciated every single second of this weekend, and I thank each and everyone of of my lovely friends for this surprise and the effort of organising it. 

My biggest thanks goes to  Julie from the bottom of my heart for getting it just right  - and yes it was worth your sleepless nights - you certainly did my proud and I love you so much.  Thanks for being my friend.

Big thanks to Barbara for putting me up for the night and opening your home to us all, thanks also to Andy (Sue's husband) for our Sunday breakfast - yummy !

Let the celebrations continue ….


Wrightboysmum said...

What a great surprise. Lots to scrap 😊 and remember.