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Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Markets in Brussels - 28 November 2014

What started off has a thrown away comment about visiting a Christmas Market in europe with my cousin, ended up with 5 of us planning and going over to Brussels for the weekend, and what a weekend we had.

So our adventure started at London Heathrow - Terminal 5

James with his cousins

me and Jame on the plane

Our hotel - which was lovely

and round the corner from the European Parliament

Having brunch a local cafe

On the Saturday, we took a train to Brugge (yes it is spelt like this) and the crowd were just what we expected, which just added to the enjoyment of being there.


Stopping for lunch - I just had to have a large beer !!!

Now which is the right way - lol x

Do any of the UK readers remember C&A back in the day !!! couldn't believe it still going strong in Belgium.

Love the look of the roof tops around the square (Brugge)

James enjoying a wraffle !

Back in Brussels - on the hour from 5pm to 11pm they have a fantastic light and music show at the Grand Palace, it was truly magical and one I want to see again !

On the Sunday morning, we got a taxi back into Brussels and the taxi driver was good enough to stop so that I could take a photo of the Palace.

James at the famous Manniquin Pis statue in Brussels.  It only a small statue but the whole area was crowded and worth seeing a local attraction.

We had a fab time and wanted to spend longer.  The Christmas market is very similar to the large one that is here in Birmingham, UK, there are a few different stalls but they seems to have exactly the same products in both.  It was a lovely experience and Brussels is definitely a place I want to visit again.

I trying to get my blog posts unto date before the end of the year, so expect a few over the coming week.

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Wrightboysmum said...

Wow C&A we always met at the Aberdeen one for a night out 😊. It looks lovely and what a beer!