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Friday, 4 April 2014

Project Life - February 2014

Here are my February pages.

Back again at the Moxley crop: doctors visit; winter rose in my garden; crafting with friends.

Girls night out in the City; The morning after; 1st snow of the year; cinema visit; trying a new receipt in my slow cooker.

The receipt got a thrombus up from James.

Treated myself to Breakfast at Sainsbury's whilst waiting for my car to have it MOT and catching up with 2pea videos; 

6.30am call to pick Jon up after he had a puncture and couldn't fit it; 

exploding egg - apparently you can't reheat a boiled egg in the microwave; 

cinema visit; 

watch Sir Tom Finney funeral via the Internet - live from Preston (his services was in the Church me and Jon got married in).

Went to see the Ware Horse theatre production at the cinema - a very different experience, and one I'd do again.

NEC Trade show with Juile - to choose kit for an upcoming charity crop;

Snowdrops have finally arrived;

Visit to Ikea with James and then lunch at Pizza Hut;

Cinema visit;

James on the Wii.

Photoshoot with James;

Spending a few hours with my neighbour and her kids, started with Claire reversing into my front wall - apparently she didn't see it - lol x It's only been their for over 10 years.

 Thanks for stopping by….