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Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Girlie Holiday - Benidorm 2013

I just come back from spending 5 days with my besties in Benidorm.  It is place we have visited over the past 6 years, for our girly get-together.  We had set the date way back in December 2012 but only booked it the week before we flew out.  I never booked an holiday so closed to actually flying out so my nerves weren't the best leading upto me travelling up to Preston.

(Apologies for a photo heavy post)

So my holiday started with my friends daughter doing my toe nails, she only 12 and really good at it.

The drive up to Preston was a nightmare, with big lorries, rain, hail, surface water, so I stopped off for a coffee and to re-charge.

Then I headed to the cemetery to visit my mums grave - where the sun had come out and the sky was blue.

Then onto my friends and we went out for lunch,

then my friend gave me a manicure

Has our flight was at 6.10 in the morning we had a very early start ... 2.45 am but the time went quickly 

and before we knew it we where boarding (this wasn't out plane, ours was round the corner and I couldn't get a good photo).

Then we where airborne and off ....

View from my window

There was lots of these ...

A couple of these

And even more of these

We did some shopping in Benidorm Town

Night out (outside out hotel)

In Morgan's Tavern 

Do you recognise this ...its the bar that they film ' Benidorm' in ... they where actually filming whilst we were there, didn't see any celebs from the show.

This was the view from my sun lounger on the beach.

We had a stroll along the prom on the Saturday morning and there was an pilate class being held on the beach - and no I didn't join in.

there was several sand models along the beach - I think these are just amazing.

Then at the end of the beach in Benidorm Town there was  a sing along - love it.

this was taken on our last morning, we had pack and was waiting for the coach to the airport so a few last minute photos was needed.

Apologies again for the post being photo heavy.  We are going to try another destination on our next trip, not decided where yet, but who know we might end up back here.

Thanks for stopping by, will be uploading my April PL pages in the next few days.


Sheena said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time Jackie xxx