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Friday, 16 November 2012

A weekend of Scrapping Fun

In my last post I mentioned that I was away with some of my scrapping friends.  Its a place we've been to before, well actually the last 3 years.

My weekend started off with meeting Sam  in Much Wenlock for lunch,


in a lovely pub

Then we set off in convoy to the house, but to get to the house, we had to go down a winey lane, thankfully Sam was in the front and came across a truck coming towards us, I swear she could hear me scream.  Lucky the driver was kind and reserved back so we could get past.  It was about 2.30 and was already going dark and had begun to rain, which didn't look good for the weekend.

then we made our way over to Toad Hall, where the fun packed weekend awaited.

 where we were greeted with this

and this

Deb made some lovely and super delicious cup cakes, 

But weather greatly improved and we had two lovely days, and we managed to get out for a little walk along the lane, to get some fresh air and for Deb, Kathy and Sam to find a Geocach point

Took this photos with my phone using the panorama setting

 then on Sunday we had a group photo.

Didn't manage to get a photo of Sheena, Sam and me together this time, obviously better planning next time - lol x  But Eileen had travelled up from down south to join us so got a few shots of them together.

On the Sunday evening we had gone down to 4, it was lovely having the extra day and night scrapping, but it did feel strange after all the noise over the previous few days.

I manage to do 5 layouts, half my October PL pages and finish off some crocheting, 2 of the girls managed to do 15 layouts each, which was some going, but I'm happy with what I did and so glad that it went as smoothly as it did as I had organised it.  Everyone enjoyed the weekend and are hoping that we can do the same again next year.

The one thing  I noticed from this weekend, is that I need to use my DSLR more, I seem to be using my phone more often, well everyday - lol -  that I'm forgetting how to use it, might have to go back on 'Auto' till I get used to the setting again.

I need to take photos of the layouts and will upload as soon as I can.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sam Ball (aka sammyb) said...

'twas brilliant... Fun, fun, fun xxx