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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

If you go down to the woods today ...

Well down to Preston and visit my niece's wonderful vintage shop. Its called WONDERLAND VINTAGE BOUTIQUE on Friargate, and its a little treasure trove.

Right to start with she not really my niece, she one of my best friends gorgeous daughter, Melissa (Missy), but I love that she called me 'Aunty Jackie' along with my other friends childrens and I always get a kiss and a hug which makes me feel special. Right sentiment over - let me share her lovely shop with you all.

Missy and her friend Joanne, have opened this wonderful shop and the choice of shop name is just that its a Wonderland of 'bits and pieces' 'nicks and nacks' 'this and that' and it well worth a visit, not only to have a mooch around but to buy some of the lovely vintage finds in the shop.

So here goes I took loads of photos and even sabotage some of Missy's charms that she had just received and was busy making some necklaces with.

Lovely charms that Missy was making into jewellery

Around the shop, they have decorated with great care ...

pages from books

Sheet music, LPs and singles (vinyls to the under 30's - lol)

A wall of ornate mirrors

Jayne (Missy) Mum relaxing while I took all these photos - lol

On the wall of the changing room they have covered it in vintage pictures, such a great touch

Lovely bird cages handing around ...

I would love to own this mirror, but can't see it fitting into my house.

The counter is a 'old' sideboard, which again they have covered in vintage photo

and had a great jar of hat pins

So as well as vintage clothing, they have some great vintage items around

Cake stands - with jewellery

Displace cabinet, full of vintage china ...

A large trunk - full of silk scarves that are at an amazing price of £4.00

all houses in the 1970- 1980's had one of these telephone chairs, if your where lucky enough to own a telephone ...

They have a great range of vintage clothing for both men and women, with a range of new items from Pop Boutique which looks so cool. They also stock shoes, belts, sunglasses and bags.

They have done a range of scented candles in china cup and saucers for £6.00

And a final photo of Jayne - trying to look serious for the camera in some Nana Myskora glasses (sp?)

The girls have really throught about how they want this shop to look and they are done an amazing job, they don't have a blog or website, but who know what they will have in the future, it you want to keep upto date with them they are on facebook page here (added this incase the link doesn't work www.facebook.com/wonderlandvintage)

Well that all about this lovely shop, so if you are in or near Preston, Lancashire do pop in and who knows you could grab yourself a great bargain and come out with with lovely vintage finds.

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Sarah said...

Wow, looks a lovely shop with some gorgeous things. I have a friend in Preston i'm hoping to visit later this year so will look this shop up whilst there. And, I remember we had a telephone chair very similar to that one in our house back in the '70s!! :)

Claire Crompton said...

That shop looks so cool, I hope it works out for her. Vintage is so 'in' at the moment.