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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Snow much Fun

The past couple of day we've had snow, snow and more snow. I love the look of it, but after a few days I just want it to go.

We've even had icicles from the roof top.

Not only from the roof tops, but on the small bush next door.

My bug-bear about all this snow is that I'm not confident in driving the car, so unless I walk everywhere we don't get out.

Well my car looks like this at the moment, so I'm not going anywhere to soon.

I did manage to venture out the other day, and the roads where so bad that I won't be going out in it again. Whilst I was out I park the car near James school, and took a few photos, I do think that this wintery look is fab.

For the 1st time the kids in the street have not been bothered about playing out in it, we normally spend hours in the street, throwing snowballs, sledging and running around, but this time no-one can be bothered. So me and my friend took the kids to a local hill to go sledging and we had a great time, I don't know if I've said this before but it alway amazes me that even though I live in the middle of a City, there is so much green -open space around, so at the bottom of the road we have this.

View to the top of the hill

View from the top of the hill (yes, this is me)

I was really surprised that there was no other kids out, but it did give me the opportunity to have a go as well.

Not a good photo of me - but it proves that mums can have fun too - lol

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