What a Scrappy Life


Sunday, 25 October 2009

On Holiday ...

Well I'm away with the family in North Norfolk, a place that I've grown to love over the years, so much so that we come back 2 or 3 times a year.

Well we arrived yesterday, and after having our picnic we went for a walk in the woods, even thought it rained it was nice to get out of the car for a while.

Today, I had a quite day, Jon & James decided to go on a extra long, long walk and I just wanted to walk by the sea, so off they went and we arranged to meet back at 12.30 for lunch and then spend the afternoon on the beach.

So I walked long the prom and watched the lifeboat being launched and I just sat and watched the sea, fishing boats and waited for it be returned. In the sea the lifeboat looks so small but when in comes out it quite big.

If I can get back on the net this week will update as the week goes along, otherwise will have to wait till after my GoGo Retreat - by the way did I tell you I was going on a Retreat on 30th - ;) will be trying to update each day from their and showing you whats going on.

Thanks for stopping by ...