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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Let the fun begin ...

Well, has you might have guested I'm at the ScrapaGoGo October 09 Retreat, arrive at the hotel after a 5 hours journey, but it was well worth it, but has I couldn't get into my room till after 2pm, I just had to use the Spa - great but abit lonely on my own. Then meet up with some of the others in the bar for lunch.

I will have to take photos of the bar and spa facilities because I'd left my camera in a secure room, anyway, it was just great to meet up with some of the girls I 'talked' to frequently online and others I'd meet previously at other GoGo events. We were all chatting and laughing like like old friends which was just great.

After lunch I got my keys and this is my room,

why did I take this photo - funny eh!

View from my window, not great of the car park, but has a scrapper just had to take it.

The crop room opened at 6pm with a greeting from Lorraine and Janice, and introduction to the DT team then at 7pm it was time for tea (will have to remember today to take my camera in because the choice of food is great brill. There was something for everyone, and the dessert - well, will have to take pictures later and upload, and you can decide.

Not sure how it happened but ended up sitting on the table with most of the DT Team - oh well - someone has too - LOL, so sat with SJ, Laura, Sam, Sheena and Vicki and then Jo (from Bristol) and Alison (Preston) came to join us, then back to the crop room, to get ready for our 1st classes of the weekend.

But before all that the "GoGo" shop opened, I know, I know I don't need anything else, but it would only be bad manners not to go and have a look, so what if a few items slipped into my hand and ended up going onto my account, as I said I've not got bad manners and everyone else was doing it too - LOL. When the light is better will take a few snaps of what I got.

Then at 9am went into my first class with Lisa called "Find it" a great class where I produced 2 No. 6x12 layouts, both with a vintage feel, distressing, cutting out, ripping and tearing - all the things I love to do. Photos to follow. The class finished at 10.30pm so couldn't take photos last night.

Back to the crop room, for a glass of wine and see what the others had done in their chosen classes, more shopping, more chatting, more laughing and catching up with Jane Dean again, who arrived at 8.50 after being struck in traffic for ages, so didn't get to see here till around 11pm, we had a great laugh and she is just lovely, so no doubt more laughing tomorrow.

Then off to bed about 12.30, to get ready for Saturday.

So after the 5 hour journey down, I will end by saying that the 1 day was a great success, what more can I ask for eh! meeting up with friends, laughing! shopping! more laughing! more shopping!

Will be back later to show you the classes.

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Debbie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time!! Wish I was there! Instead think of me doing my ironing!!

Yvonne said...

Wow your room looks lovely and a class at 9pm on Friday - fabby. Cant wait for more pics, i feel like i'm there with u lol x

Rachel said...

im sure this was my room in June, in fact im positive it is :)