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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Scrapagogo - StoryTeller - Bristol

I spent a fabulous time in Bristol on Saturday with the Scrapagogo Team. It was lovely to meet you with some of the girls from the forum and finally meet some of them in person - IYKWIM.

Chelle, Patrice & Sheena were their who are from the Nuneaton Crop, and who I will going away with at the end of November. (yes, I know I get around ... LOL). Also Jo who I meet at a Workshop at PaperArts in April and who will be going to the October Retreat as well.

So after a early start, picking Julie up at 7ish am, we set off with AA Map, and Sat Nav and headed to Bristol. It only took 1 hour and 40 minutes, and we found it at the first go, especially good when I was driving.

So Lorriane and Janice came with the shop and other goodies as well as some of the DT girls who were doing the classes. SJ - 8x8 Minibook, Laura - 12x12 layouts, with enough papers to do 2 layouts, Lisa - a 12x12 Circular layout, Helen - a minibook using a past greeting kit, and Nicola - a 12 x 12 layout involving stitching. So the 5 classes were set and the day started 9.30am and finished at 6pm ish. Obviously, with break in between.

So here are 2 of the layouts that I've managed to complete so far.

A lovely minibook, designed be Helen Miles using envelopes and cards from a past greeting kit - great idea and fabulous class.

I've added photos of my recent trip to the Zoo with Julie and the Kids, got a few bits to add still, but the bulk of it is complete.

There was even sections, that lifted up, and flapped open.

This one was by Nicola, which involved stitching, and making some "Suffolk Puff Ball" - really easy and I thing I would definiately do again. She had even added an crochet flower that she had done herself.

I included some of the layouts that I had used stitching on, just to show how I love to "hand stitch"on my layouts.

"Suffolk Puff Ball"

I had such a good day, it just makes my look even more forward to the Retreat at the end of October.

I will upload the rest of the layouts later.

Thanks for stopping by ...