What a Scrappy Life


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

LSNED, Use it up No. 5 and another 1st ....

So on Wednesdasy I spent the day with Julie crafting, it was good to have a few hours just crafting and catching up.

I have finally done my LSNED album which was a Kraft one from Paperchase and it measures approx. 8.5" x 6", and the pages are cardstock that I got ages ago that had a punched out design down the side, which I cut off and cut the card to side, the papers are Cosmos Cricket - Early Bird. All the pages are the same and some will have a small photo on - when I take them.

And Wednesday, was also the first day that James came home from school on his own, arrrrggggh ... and met me at his old school because he wanted to show his old teachers his new uniform, and he got their before me. Apparently they are a quite a few pupils from his school who get the bus so hes not on his own.

When he was in the playground he looked so different and more grown up even the other mothers said that he has changed over the summer holidays. Some of his old school mates had turned up as well, who have gone to other schools so it was good to see them all together, even for 5 minutes, having a laugh and running around the yard.

I spent Thursday trying, and I mean really trying to sort out the garage, theire was boxes and bags all over the place, so I set to, and sorted out, things to be dumped, things for charity, and things to sell on ebay. TGhere still is a lot to do but I'm slowly getting their.
I can't believe that we have so much stuff just laying around, and has my DH always saying it mainly mine - LOL. So over the next few weeks I will be seriously decluttering the whole house.
Not much crafting done lately, but I have a weekend on my own and have set up some layout bags and hopefully be able to complete.