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Friday, 29 May 2009

Must try better to keep this blog upto date, I did start the year thinking I could blog each day, but has things go, I should have know better. This is a long one ... I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, I'm bearing in up with my loss. Why is it people see you smiling, laughing or just generally getting on with things and remark how well I look in the circumstances .... what should happen .... should have turned green and produced 2 head or what ... too the outside world I look "normal" but inside I'm in bits and some days are better than others, some I can go all day without thinking about it, others I just want to curl up in the corner and pretend it's not happened. But the saying goes, "life goes on" and I know I've got a long way to go to feel better and I want to thank my friends for being their for me.

So has life goes on, here are my "Crafting Buddies" Bev & Julie, we meet up most Wednesdays to craft, either layouts or cards or some mini project we might want to try. Anyway, on 20th decided to go and do some stash shopping instead and ended up at Gardenlands, were we stopped for coffee....

The photos were taken especially because we have a coffee cup chipboard shape, and we can do a layout at one of our meetings- LOL
Followed by lunch at the Vineyards, after more stash shopping at Mountain Ash Crafts.

Then on Sunday 24 May we had the "1st" of the year Street BBQ's. We only decided to have one on the Saturday, so the bouncy castle was booked and off we all went to get the food and drink. I love living here, we all seem to get on, we are not in each others pockets, but we do enjoy each others company. One of the neighbours has a massive BBQ which is ideal and we all contributed to the bouncy castle and the coal for the BBQ, with money left over to buy ice lollies for the kids.

The bouncy castle was delivered around 10am, but we hadn't planned for the BBQ to start till the afternoon, so the kids were well impressed having this to bounce on all morning, whilst the adults got thing ready.

We even had a water fountain and cordend off part of the road. This is mainly to stop the kids going passed a certain point throught the day, has the ages ranges from 3yrs to 11yrs.

The buffet table

Jon & James missed a few hours as it was Villa last game of the season, but their was plenty of food and drink left for when they got back. I love this shot of Jon just chilling with the lads, I think he was abit sorry to have missed the afternoon, but has we didn't pack up till 11pm I don't think he missed out.

Jon (black tee-shirt) relaxing with the neighbours.
The weather was fantastic and we all have a great day, and are planning our next one a bit better, so that we don't all buy the same food and drinks and make the same things for the buffet, but has this is only the 2nd one we've had, we think we have done really well.
So I've got plenty of photos to scrap - I didn't get on any shots, so will have to make sure next time that I do.
Talking of scrapping, I getting ready to go the Scrapagogo Retreat on the 5th June for the weekend, oh I'm so looking forward to it. Theres 4 structured classes over the weekend, a photography workshop run by Cheryl Johnson (Scrapbook Inspiration) and I'm having a photoshoot with Cheryl , which when I booked was looking foward to it, but has time gets nearer beginning to have my doubts, but I will give you more details after the weekend away.
Also, Julie and me are going to a new crop on Sunday 31st May, in Coventry, apparently only 45mins drive away, and has I reguarly go to Shropshire it shouldn't be that bad a drive. Not sure what the crop is called but it is organised by "Crafty Stash" who will be bringing her shop. I've talked to Sue (the owner) and she is really nice and friendly, I don't know why I'm surprised because every crafter I've meet over the past 18 months has been "nice and friendly". The price of the day is £15 and includes 2 layouts.
I've also managed to get onto the "Tracey Hudson Workshop" organised by Sue over in Coventry as well, which is at the end of June, and unfortunately I will have to miss my regular visit to Solihull Craft Club crop.

And finally, took this photo over the May Day weekend when I visited my MIL cottage in Derbyshire, in the village where her cottage is, they have baby lamers - cute eh! - again more LO opportunities.

Thanks for stopping by, and I will try and not leave it too long next time ....


Vicki said...

omg that baby lama is CUTE - i really want me one of those!!! i'm so sorry about your loss - it is hard i have no doubt. keep smiling tho, sending you HUGS, vicki xx