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Monday, 27 April 2009

Oh No ...

Well the sad news is that my brother, who was 48, died suddenly on 10th April. To say it was a complete shock is an understatment. I feel like I'm on my own, he was the last person left from my young life, and up until a few days before we were talking/laughing about our childhood, with both of us getting things wrong, then coming to a final conclusion.

These past few weeks have been awful, I've been down to his house, to start to "sort things" out .. .cancelling bills, etc and sorting his funeral out - which can't take place till 5th May - couldn't believe the the cemotorium was so busy.

Over the months, I've often joked with other about people phoning up say QVC, and saying that crafting has helped them get through a difficult time in their life... but oh my its so true. I know its early days for me at the moment, but it has given me a few hours each day, where I don't have to think about other things going on in my life and concentrate on crafting.

On the 18th I went to Ally Pally has planned, meeting up with Julie and Kay for the day, it was great to see female friends and get a cuddle ... you can never have too many cuddles LOL ... and again not having to think about the tast ahead. Yes, I did shop till I dropped and I've only just starting to put it away.

On the 25th I went to PaperArts, to do a workshop run by Cleo Jarvis (Bellaboo new owner), we did a LP layout and a mini book - the mini book I did of the Tuna Turner concert. I will photograph them soon and will upload.

People keep telling me that life goes on, and times a great healer and to try and carry on doing the things I've booked and planned to do, and not cancel, so I doing as many as I can, to keep myself busy and on top of things and so far its working.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you Jackie. xxx

deb said...

Oh Jackie - I am very sorry to hear your sad news.

Alison5 said...

Jackie, so sorry to hear this sad news, will be thinking about you and your family.

Alison xxx