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Friday, 5 August 2016

A new adventure ... is just around the corner

Well hello everyone, I know, I know I was saying I would be more upto day with my blog, but truly this time I've got a great excuse and one I have been buzzing to share with all my crafting buddies.

I will start by telling you the background, several years ago I started to think about running crafting events, and got talking to my friends Sam and Sheena and you know how it is, when you get-together and start to throw around ideas and it all seems such a great idea, but we never actually did any research to see whether it was viable or even if we could actually pull it off.

Me, Sheena & Sam - Chatsworth Gardens, 
April 2016

Well,  life got on the way and even though no plans had been put into place it was also at the back of my mind, that one day something could / would happen.  I took to organising my mini retreats with a group of friends twice a year and was happy with how these were going and still are  and more so how our little group of scrapping friends really got on and always looked forward to the next one, even when the current one hadn't even finished.

So back to my tale, so 3 weeks ago I was swiping through Instagram and saw that a designer who I followed and who style I was in awe of, was holding a workshop in the area she lived, well I don't know what came over me, but I sent her a message and asked if she would even think of coming to the UK to teach, and after pressing send ... I was like OMG! what have I done, she will think I'm bloody mad just messaging her out of the blue ... well I believe within 15 minutes I had a reply saying she would love too ... WTF! OMG! really, I spent an age just looking at the phone and thinking OMG! what now??.   Anyway a couple of phone calls to Sam and Sheena who where both as stunned as I was, and it was on.  What 'it' was we had no idea.  But our little partnership had a kick start and our new venture was taking hold we called ourselves  'Birds of a Feather'.

In the midst of planning this event, I was looking for some photographs that I wanted to scrap and came across this layouts I did back in March 2013, what a coincidence the title of the page and also that the photograph was taken at the same venue we are going to hold our event at ...I'm taking this a good sign.  My scrapping style as changed but so glad our friendship remains.

layout done March 2013, photographs taken October 2012

In my former life I was a secretary for 20 years and was used to organising things and this just gave me the buzz I need, after feeling crap for the last couple of months.  So I was on the hunt to find a hotel, possible a shop to attend, raffle prizes, what we would do at the event.

Within two weeks of sending that message, I had found a hotel to hold the event, got a shop, obviously Hey Little Magpie was our first choice and they said yes.  Our designer had booked her flight and it was all systems go.

Sam, Sheena and me have worked really hard to fine turn what we though we could offer and the date was set to launch our new adventure ... and today is the day that it has gone live on Facebook.  The buzz over the past few days have been great and we have smiled between us, as people are planning to book days off, and make travel arrangements and they didn't even know what was happening.  I do hope that they are as excited to see who we have asked to teach and book on the workshops, we are buzzing and we know that she is.

Drum roll - its the lovely Paige Taylor Evans

We are so exciting that she will be with us for the whole weekend, teaching at two full days workshops and we are really looking forward to seeing what she will produce with you new paper collection - Take Me Away.

If you would like further information regarding this event please contact


and we will be happy to forward an information sheet and booking form.

I will be back shortly to share some of my recent layouts, and of course giving you some updates about this upcoming event.