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Monday, 14 March 2016

LFE Retreat - Pillow Presents

For the recent retreat I attended, we where asked to do a small gift for each of the delegates, so it in total we had to do 26 each.  Easy, I hear you say but what can you do that is easy, quick and doesn't cost a lot of money.  Well I had several months to decide what do, and as we where getting a album with divided pocket pages in, I decided to do a 3x4 card to be inserted.

So last October whilst on holiday in Norfolk I took some supplies to make a start on them.

And I even got James to do a few.

Then when I was home I added some washi tape, wood veneer stars, and gold mist and I thought great they are done and packed them away feeling very accomplished with my presents.  Until, samples started to appear in our retreat group chat, and sneak I was like OMG! my little cards are so boring and simple, and what an understatement.

So after having a good think about it, seeing some of the other ones, and looking on Pintrest - I started on version 2. 

I picked out a couple of my 6x6 pads and set about die cutting some feathers, not really choosing any particular colour, I just cut away till I had a large amount of feathers in various sizes and designs to work with.

Then I cut lengths of bakers twine and make some bows - it was at time like this that I wish I had a bow maker.

The using the same 6x6 pads I die cuts some large label

and folded them in half.

Then it was time to put them all together, I glued the top of the feathers to the label, then using the mini attachers I stapled the bow to the top of the feather, and added a enamel dot over the staple to help disguise the staple.

Here are all the toppers together.

then I added sweets to some plastic bags.

Put them all together and added up with this.

I was happy with version one but feel a lot better with version two, only wish I'd thought about it a bit more at the early stage.  Anyway, they are done and given out now.

I will be back shortly with my layouts from the retreat.

Thanks for stopping by.