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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Scrapping Weekend

Last weekend I was invited along with Sheena to stay at Sam  for a catch up and some scrapping.  I can't share what I did yet on the scrapping front, but the weekend was about getting together, having a laugh and general putting the world to right like you do.

So I set off up the M6 / M54 to Sam's and of course got struck in traffic on the M6, so what should have taken me 50 minutes took me nearly 2 hours.

Anyway, I arrived at Sam and after a quick cuppa we headed to the local farm shop that was holding a 'sausage and ale' night with live music.  The music was OK, when it finally started - there was a few band members having a tantrum behind the screen,  which provided us with a good source of laughter.

There was also a good selection of local cider and ale to be tasted and bought, which we had to have a few samples of, and bring a few bottles back for the weekend.

Then just has we where leaving I spotted a herd of cows in a nearby field, and promptly jumped out to take some photos, closely followed by Sam who insisted on getting a bit to close to them for my liking, but there were lovely.

Then it was back to Sam's to await Sheena arrival and settled down to some scrapping.

On the Saturday evening, we headed over to Ironbridge for an Indian, 

We had a lovely meal 

and of course we had to take some photos, the restaurant to inside the old town Police Station

Then we drove over the 'New IronBridge' which is very new age and not has architecturally pleasing has the old one.  This photo was taken about 10pm at night - love the light evenings.

Thanks Sam for the lovely invitation and thank you both for a really enjoyable weekend.

 Love you both xx


Sheena said...

It was a great relaxing weekend wasn't it xxx