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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Road Kill Layout

At the Bromsgrove crop, I was telling my story about my layout titled ' Road Kill' to Julie (Redditch), so I throught I put it back on here, and hope that she stops by to see it.

The story is that My MIL had got a new car a few days before we had set off on our holidays, and on the way down she felt that she had hit something, but still carried on, when we stopped for a coffee break, she mentioned the 'thud' but we didn't think anything on it, but when we were returning to the car we noticed that a few people where pointing at the front of her car and laughing, and this is what we saw.

She had hit a pheasant and it had got lodged into the front of her car. Has DH and DS had already set off we had to drive for about 20 mins until we could meet up with them again and for DH to remove it, which did take a while especially with MIL telling DH not to do any damage to her new car - LOL - has if wedging the pheasant into the grill wasn't enough.

Looking at the layout it still makes me smile.



julie said...

Oh Jackie, such a great subject for a layout. You did make me laugh with your story and you have documented it so well.
Julie P