What a Scrappy Life


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring is here .....

What a lovely few days we have had this week, still a bit cold but the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all well.

Discovered a new feature on my camera, well I didn't really it was Kay (Solihull crop) had attended a course and learnt how to focus on a subject and let the background be blurred. So after a quick lesson from Morag (Solihull crop) on Sunday I took these pictures of the daffodils growing in my garden.

I know not a flower, but couldn't resist ....

Morag also mentioned that she was attending a 10 week photography course at the Botanical Gardens and how much she was enjoying it. when I originally got my new camera, (it was for my birthday - but got it in October), my hubby suggested that I go on a course to learn how to use it properly, but I never got around to sorting it out.

Well I have now, have just booked myself onto the next course which starts 30 April at the Botanical Gardens, its a 2 hours course, and it allows you access to the grounds to take photos using the techniques learnt in class, so after a quick turtorial from Morag, imagine what I could be doing after 10 weeks - LOL.

After visiting the NEC Craft Show last week, which I wasn't too impressed with but still managed to spend a fair bit thought, I'm on the look out for new stash.

Just got these delivered today, from A Trip Down Memory Lane - The new range of My Minds Eye - Penny Lane - Tiny Dancer, Feeling Groovy, Free Bird - small accessories, and of course some Thickers. The stash took 24 hours from ordering till delivery - how brill is that.

The Tiny Dancer paper is for my Great Niece photo on her Christening Day earlier this month.

She just looks like a "tiny dancer" - beautiful